★The Song of Ice & Fire★


★The Song of Ice & Fire★

00:00 May 25th – 23:59 June 7th (Pacific Time)

During the event time, the mission are available in Easy, Normal, Hard and Insane difficulties.
By completing the mission, players will have a chance to get the new hero “Tiffany” or “Elsa” .
After finishing the levels, you can get your reward in the event achievement interface.

Achievement Reward
Finish Easy difficulty 1/3/5 times. Gold×2500
Finish Normal difficulty 1/3/5 times. Large Refining Gem×1
Finish Hard difficulty 1/3/5 times. Star Coin×15
Finish Insane difficulty 1/3/5 times. Gem×20
Finish Hard difficulty with all 3 heroes alive 1/3/5 times. Gem×20
Finish Insane difficulty with 3 Warriors alive. Tiffany×1
Finish Insane difficulty with 3 Knights alive. Elsa×1
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